Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up early when the Challenge Ride starts on March 20th?

You don’t have to sign up early. It gives the team that is planning this event the time to plan and print the necessary materials ahead of time.

What is a Challenge Ride?

A Challenge Ride is a self-guided ride to varying locations around the State of Washington. The Challenge is up to you on how fast you can accomplish riding to all the destinations by the end of Summer.

When can I expect my Challenge Ride packet?

If you had registered early, the packets will be sent out the first week of March. If you register after the first week of March, your packet should arrive between 3 – 7 business days.

What if I lose my assigned placard?

Please contact us to let us know and we could send you a digital one to print.  If you had forgotten your placard, go back to where you left it as the rules stipulate you need all items in the photo for it to be accepted.

I rode in a group. Could we just send one photo for everyone?

That’s great you were able to ride together to the location. However, each individual must submit their own photo and the photo must clearly show your bike and your placard.

I visited multiple locations in a given ride. Can I send all the pictures in one email?

It’s preferable that you have a separate email for each location. It makes it easier for the Team to keep track of your submissions so there is less room for error. Be sure to include your Placard Number and the location in the subject line such as #XXX – Location Name.

Are the stats tallied in “real-time”?

We try our best to get to your submissions right away, but it may take up to a week at times to get confirmation on receiving your photos. If you still haven’t heard from us then, please reach out to us by email.

Do I have to use the same bike? What if I have several or borrow a bike?

No, you don’t have to use the same bike. However, it must be the bike that you rode on to that destination.

Is there a prize for finishing all the challenge locations first?

You get bragging rights! That’s worth its weight in gold. This Challenge Ride does not matter what place you finish.  The names for the monetary awards are drawn from a hat based on the category of number of locations you fall under. You do not need to be present to win the monetary awards.

Will there be other prizes and contests?

YES! The additional prizes can be in the form of gift cards to motorcycle-related gifts. We have sponsors that have donated items to us, and they will be raffled during the luncheon. We will also have funniest, most unique, etc. photo. Voting will be done in real-time using your cellphone during the luncheon and there will be a prize involved as well.  You need to be present to win the non-monetary gifts.

Will I have to travel on unpaved roads?

Most of the locations chosen have paved roads to get to them.  There may be dirt or gravel parking lots at some of the destinations so take precaution if you do encounter this.